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KTMJ TV 43 is a TV station in Topeka, Kansas, USA covering Fox network programs, local news and weather.

KTMJ TV 43 is an affiliate of the Fox Television Network.

KTMJ TV 43 began broadcasting on June 16, 1982 as low-power station K06KZ on channel 6. The station shares business facilities with sister station KSNT TV 27 and uses the KSNT website and news team.

KTMJ has had many owners, including Montgomery Communications, New Vision Television, Media General and most recently Nexstar Media Group, which bought Media General in early 2017.

This TV station is owned by Nexstar Media Group, Inc.


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Jesse Fray is the news director of KTMJ TV 43.

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3 comments to date.

KTMJ TV 43 Names Jesse Fray News Director
-- In August 2016, Jesse Fray replaced Al Carl as the news director of KTMJ TV 43.
Posted by Mondo Times Editors, Boulder Colorado, August 3, 2016

Al Carl Named News Director of KTMJ TV 43
-- In March 2015, Al Carl replaced Nate Hill as the news director of KTMJ TV 43.
Posted by Mondo Times Editors, Boulder Colorado, April 30, 2015

LIN TV to Acquire New Vision Television Broadcast Group for $330.4 Million
-- The deal, announced on May 7, 2012, involves 17 stations in eight television markets, including KTMJ TV 43 in Topeka, KS. In addition to the purchase price, LIN TV will assume $12 million in New Vision debt. Jason Elkin, New Vision's CEO, said, "This is a bittersweet development. The decision to sell to LIN Media was not an easy one, but we negotiated a fair price and...

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