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San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States and second-largest city in California, after Los Angeles. The city is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. San Diego is the county seat of San Diego County.

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San Diego News

Go to the Associated Press (AP) San Diego California website  Associated Press (AP) San Diego California
Go to the Beach & Bay Press website  Beach & Bay Press
Go to the Coast News website  Coast News
Go to the Investigative Newsource website  Investigative Newsource
Go to the KCBQ AM 1170 website  KCBQ AM 1170
Go to the KFMB AM 760 website  KFMB AM 760 (CBS)
Go to the KOGO AM 600 website  KOGO AM 600
Go to the KPBS FM 89.5 website  KPBS FM 89.5 (NPR)
Go to the La Mesa Courier website  La Mesa Courier
Go to the Mission Times Courier website  Mission Times Courier
Go to the Mission Valley News website  Mission Valley News
Go to the Peninsula Beacon website  Peninsula Beacon
Go to the Rancho Bernardo News Journal website  Rancho Bernardo News Journal
Go to the San Diego Downtown News website  San Diego Downtown News
Go to the San Diego Informer website  San Diego Informer
Go to the San Diego Union-Tribune website  San Diego Union-Tribune
Go to the SDSU Daily Aztec website  SDSU Daily Aztec (university)
Go to the UCSD Guardian website  UCSD Guardian (university)
Go to the USD Vista website  USD Vista (university)
Go to the Voice of San Diego website  Voice of San Diego

San Diego Business

Go to the San Diego Business Journal website  San Diego Business Journal
Go to the San Diego Coast Real Estate Report website  San Diego Coast Real Estate Report Magazine (real estate)
Go to the SD Metro website  SD Metro Magazine
Go to the Uptown San Diego Examiner website  Uptown San Diego Examiner (law)

San Diego Entertainment

Go to the KBNT TV 17 website  KBNT TV 17 (Univision)
  KDTF TV 36
Go to the KFMB TV 8 website  KFMB TV 8 (CBS)
Go to the KGTV TV 10 website  KGTV TV 10 (ABC)
Go to the KNSD TV 39 website  KNSD TV 39 (NBC)
Go to the KPBS TV 15 website  KPBS TV 15 (PBS)
Go to the KSDX TV 29 website  KSDX TV 29
Go to the KSWB TV 69 website  KSWB TV 69 (Fox)
Go to the KUSI TV 51 website  KUSI TV 51
Go to the Modern Luxury San Diego website  Modern Luxury San Diego Magazine (lifestyle: affluent)
Go to the Ranch & Coast website  Ranch & Coast Magazine (lifestyle: affluent)
Go to the San Diegan website  San Diegan Magazine (city guides)
Go to the San Diego website  San Diego Magazine (city guides)
Go to the San Diego CityBeat website  San Diego CityBeat (AAN)
Go to the San Diego Reader website  San Diego Reader (AAN)
Go to the SanDiego.com website  SanDiego.com (city guides)
Go to the Southern California Gaming Guide website  Southern California Gaming Guide Magazine (games)
Go to the UCSD TV 35 website  UCSD TV 35 (university)
  XDTV TV 13 (MyTV)

San Diego Sports

Go to the KLSD AM 1360 website  KLSD AM 1360
Go to the RacePlace website  RacePlace Magazine (fitness)

San Diego Science

Go to the San Diego Earth Times website  San Diego Earth Times Magazine (environment)

San Diego Society

Go to the Asian Journal San Diego website  Asian Journal San Diego
Go to the El Latino San Diego website  El Latino San Diego
Go to the Filipino Press website  Filipino Press
Go to the Hispanos Unidos website  Hispanos Unidos
Go to the KCEO AM 1000 website  KCEO AM 1000 (religion: christian)
Go to the KPRZ AM 1210 website  KPRZ AM 1210 (religion: christian)
Go to the La Prensa San Diego website  La Prensa San Diego
Go to the Military Press website  Military Press (military)
Go to the Navy Dispatch website  Navy Dispatch Magazine (military)
  Philippine Mabuhay News
Go to the San Diego Southern Cross website  San Diego Southern Cross (religion: christian)
Go to the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint website  San Diego Voice & Viewpoint


  944 San Diego Magazine (fashion)
  Ahora Now San Diego
  Computor Edge Magazine (computers)
  Daily San Diego Soccer News
  El Sol de San Diego
  Gay & Lesbian Times (gay & lesbian)
  Good News, etc. (religion: christian)
  Motions (university)
  National City Times (city guides)
  Navy Compass (military)
  San Diego City News
  San Diego Daily Transcript
  San Diego Jewish Times Magazine (religion: jewish)
  San Diego M.D. Magazine (medicine)
  San Diego Metro Weekly
  San Diego News Network
  XETV TV 6 (CW)

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